Three rescue dogs, a 1990 Syncro DOKA, and Lucas, the owner of GoWesty. We travelled off-road and uphill to a point overlooking an eternity of golden rolling West Coast mountains colliding with the mist of the glowing Pacific. 

Pitaya, Indie & Azula

Three dogs joined us: Azula (black) and Pitaya (smallest) are both Mexican rescues found in rough shape and nurtured to health by Lucas and his family. He shared his story of finding Pitaya amongst a bunch of trash in Mexico, covered in bites and welts. They washed him repeatedly, brought him to good health, and gave him a home. Lucas’ son Lucas Jr’s dog Indie joined us as well.

Lucas' 1990 Syncro DOKA

Lucas’ ideal vehicle is a 1990 Syncro DOKA (double cab). A brief version of his complex history reads something like this: decades of hard work rewarded him with a mechanical engineering degree, the inception of a few companies, and eventually owning and operating GoWesty. GoWesty focuses not only on the restoration and upgrading of Vanagons, but also celebrates their lifestyle and culture. I had the pleasure of getting a glimpse into the GoWesty family, and the hard work that founded its roots lives on with ardor. The staff wear their titles like badges of honor. Suffice to say, Lucas earned his dream vehicle and drives it accordingly.

All photos shot on film.
A big thanks to Lucas, Jad, & the entire GoWesty team for their support, hard work and honesty.

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