Have a dog & van?

If you have a dog and a van, I'd really love to go on an adventure with ya. Shoot me an e-mail with some info and tell me your story. If I'm headed your way, let's make it work.

Name *
Currently looking for folks in the US and Canada.
Add a link to your Instagram account or somewhere I can see photos of your dog & van. This way I can get to know you a little better.
Show me the most beautiful adventure you can. Where will we explore with your dog and your van? Climb a mountain? Take a canoe trip? A three day camping trip or an afternoon adventure?

Help Me Out

Film and travel is expensive and your help would be amazing. Interested in supporting this project?

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Q & A

I don't have a dog (or a van), can we still meet up?
I would love to meet up with everyone, so unless you have a dog & van, we'll leave that up to chance.

Will Momo be travelling with you?
Yep! I don't know how to travel without my dog.