I met up with Sarah at her van in Vancouver next to a park where we'd crossed paths weeks before. She hopped out, she'd just woken up. Her dogs Ghost and Blaze followed swiftly behind her.

Ghost & Blaze

Both Blue Heelers (Australian Cattledogs) like the dogs from Mad Max. They're badass dogs and fully live the van life with Sarah who was living in Vancouver at the time.


Sage is a 1976 Dodge Conversion van. Sarah named her sage before of her colour, and her wildcrafting work the van allows her.


Lower Mount Seymour

Mount Seymour Provincial Park is not 20 minutes out of Vancouver. Sarah and the dogs escape here often to reconnect with themselves, and to escape the buzzing of city life.


All photos shot on film.
A warm thanks to Sarah for sharing her time and space with us.

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