Chris and Cinci invited me up to Squamish, British Columbia for a short walk and a some tea. We caught the last light of the day with Goose, Lilly, and '2.0'.

Goose & Lilly

Goose is a Mexican beach dog. Lilly is a reserve rescue.

"When we lost China [our previous dog], Goose started aging rapidly. When we found Lilly, she seemed to gain 5 years on her life. They hit it off right away."


'2.0' is a 1990 VW Vanagon. 

"The Westfalia community is one of the only communities that has been inclusive right off the bat. It feels like I’m part of a big family."


All photos shot on film except for the first 1 and the last 4.
A special thanks to Chris & Cinci for inviting us into their home and sharing their stories.

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