Lauralynn has stories of plenty of dogs, plenty of jobs, and plenty of vans. She was my first shoot for this project, and we admitted our mutual excitement. We both rose before the sun on Christmas eve.


Lefty is a 12 year old border collie, great pyrenees, cocker spaniel mix. She was named after Pancho and Lefty, a song written by Townes Van Zandt. Poncho (alternative spelling by a young Lauralynn) was Lauralynn's childhood dog.


Maida Fay

Maida Fay is a 1988 Vanagon. It's Lauralynn's 4th VW van. 

Lauralynn’s mom had a tired out heart that had taken her around the world on adventures. When she knew she had limited time left, she wanted to watch her kids enjoy their inheritance. She asked each of them what they wanted and Lauralynn found a VW Vanagon she loved. Having grown up with VWs, they were part of her blood. She got a white one, an ’82. She’d driven it across the States and back, but its final adventure was for Thai food.


Lauralynn and a friend had picked up Thai food to go. A funny smell indicated Laura to look in her rearview and notice the flames shooting out of the rear. They ran from the van as it caught fire. The flames grew and engulfed the van. It was a sad ending with an exception: they grabbed the take-out before escaping the van. They were safe, and so was the Thai food.

Lauralynn bought a new van with the insurance money. The blue ’88 Vanagon pictured. She named it Maida Fay, after her late mother.


Tod Inlet, Gowlland Tod Provincial Park

Though we were expecting nothing but the damp fog and clouds we were greeted with upon arrival, within an hour or so the sun shone through. A reminder that no matter how dark a day is, the road ahead is just as likely to brighten up.

All photos shot on film.
Special thanks to Laura for sharing her stories and time.

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