We met TJ & Jessica (along with their pit bull mixes Lou & Rosie) in the woods miles away from highways and reception in the Olympic Peninsula. We carry with us kindness and generosity, and when we allow ourselves to trust a stranger, we often create an avenue for those virtues. Our dogs, much like ourselves, quickly became friends.


Lou is a 7 month old deaf pit bull mix rescue. When Jessica and TJ were naming her, they realized they were choosing a name for themselves to say, not so much for her to hear.



Rosie is an 18 month old pit bull mix who came from Jessica's hometown in Idaho.


'Spirit Hound'

'Spirit Hound' is a 1979 VW bus named after their basset hound Chevy, who didn't live long enough to ride with them in their van. Chevy was named after the actor Chevy Chase, not the truck.


All photos shot on film.
A special thanks to Jessica & TJ for meeting with us in the middle of nowhere and trusting we were alright people.

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