Donnie couldn't count how many VWs he's restored before this one. Having been into mechanics since his early childhood, it was natural for him to start many VW clubs, including the North Bay Air Cooled club which boasts more than 300 members. Taking a ride in his '67 split window bus, Milo loved feeling the breeze through the safari windows. 


Milo, a bowtie-sporting terrier mix from the animal shelter joined us as we took a boat through the heart of Napa, California. 

To the rescue

By the time we got back to the launch, the water level dropped enough to make the dock unreachable. Kathleen came to the rescue as she hopped out of the boat to tug us ashore waist-deep in mirky water. We were safe shortly after she exclaimed: "I'm stepping on things that are weird."

All photos shot on film.
A big thanks to Kathleen & Donnie for a place to stay in their Napa home and for sharing this experience with me.

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