We arrived at Jericho Beach in Vancouver, and I was locked in the car. The door wouldn’t open. Something was messed up with the hinge. We fiddled with it until I got free, the dogs watching patiently from the back seat. We laughed about the struggles that come with cars like these.



When Britt & her partner were in Santa Theresa, they met Nico. A street dog who introduced himself by deciding to follow them around. He found them two days before they left, and a quick decision was made to rescue him and show him a home in Canada. The paperwork and obstacles seemed to tell them not to do it, that it wouldn't work, that it was futile. They decided to persist, to take on every obstacle, and they prevailed. Nico lives an active life in Vancouver, he's Britt's neurotic wild card.



Sparky is a '74 VW Westfalia, they rescued him from a couple who were moving out of country. Sparky tried to keep me. If you look closely, you can see Nico in the front seat.


All photos shot on film.
A special thanks to Britt for inviting us into her yoga classes & sharing her stories.

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