When I first met Cory & Emily a few years ago, they'd already been living the van life for a few years. They were talking seriously about adopting a dog, and soon after we parted ways in Sedona, Arizona, Penny arrived in their lives. We met again, in Sedona, again, and needless to say they're happy with their decision.


Cory & Emily live an honest van life. They work hard for it, and are rewarded for their hard work. They've been running their project Where's My Office Now? since 2013 in their 1987 VW Vanagon Westfalia named “Boscha”. They document not only the incredible sights they see, but also their honest struggles and road life troubles. Their video series offers a seriously invaluable source of information for anyone interested in van life.

Penny Rose

Cory & Emily have been living in their van with Penny since they adopted her in the summer of 2014. Penny reminds them to be in the moment, keeps them active and looks as at home in the van as any dog I've met.


All photos shot on film.
Huge thanks to Cory & Emily from Where's My Office Now, follow them on Instagram.

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