Marina and Pedro drive a motorhome rescued from Texas with their dog Sofia rescued from Brazil, and run an agency which they bring with them as they travel. In the short time I knew this duo, they rescued a second dog and named him Tony.

Tony & Sofia

In the short time I knew Marina and Pedro, they rescued Tony. Marina knew Tony would be their immediately, and she was asking to sign papers within 30 seconds. Life on the road was a bit of an adjustment for Sofia, so they set intentions when we were in LA to find her a companion. Tony was a good match.


Flying in from their home in Sao Paulo, they decided to land in Texas and buy a motorhome there. It hasn't troubled them much, but when we arrived at Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita, they found it skipped and jumped a bit up the hill. Pedro tinkered a little bit, as concerned as he was relaxed. It was only the spark plugs. 

All photos shot on film.
Huge thanks to my new friends Marina and Pedro from We Are Alive Agency.

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