We went to Cave City, Kentucky to meet up with Tito and Tara Israel, an 13 year old Pomeranian and a photographer/editor (respectively) from East Hampton.

Based on Tito’s breed (Pomeranian), he was probably not named after Tito Ortiz, the American MMA and UFC fighter. Based on his temperament, he was probably not named after Josip Broz Tito, the Yugoslav marshal and leader of a communist resistance movement against the German invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941. However, with Tara’s wealth of knowledge and seemingly endless supply of historical and pop-culture references, it wouldn’t surprise me. In truth, Tito is named after Tito Jackson, of the Jackson 5. His full name is “Tito Superdude Jackson” – the “Superdude” came from a hamster on the “Simpsons”.

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World sits at a broken intersection. Across the road, in the spirit of the South, is an abandoned gun-themed amusement park. “Guntown Mountain”  has since been renamed to “Funtown Mountain”, but is still non-operational and just as magical. Within earshot is a slew of chain restaurants. We asked a local sitting on his porch to recommend us a good local restaurant, and he pointed us to Cracker Barrel, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut. We reiterated that we were hoping to try some local flavour and he insisted that the buffet over at the Watermill was as good as it gets. If lamp-warmed meatloaf and yesterday’s cream-corn is as good as it gets, then bring it on.

The Vansion

Tara refers to her Airstream as the “Vansion”. It has every commodity an accommodation can have in less than 100 square feet can have. This 10mpg wonder bus has taken her around the country and assisted in a number of impressive and heartfelt photo journals.


All photos shot on film.
Thanks to Tara for recommending just about the best place to meet. Follow her and Tito on Instagram.

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